Gallery Case

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


    • Art behind glass
    • Shiny print image
    • Protects corners & edges




39,95 EURi

Product details
Mirror, mirror in your hand, who has the prettiest phone case of them all?
Glass and silicone are the dream team when it comes to protecting your phone in a uniquely stylish way. With your individual favorite design you give the trend combination the final touch.

We print your design on the back of the glass inlay and then connect it firmly to the silicone case ,so that nothing sticks out and everything looks like it was cast from one piece. In addition, the sturdy glass element is protected from scratches by an additional coating and ensures a slight reflection on the shiny print image.

The contrast between the matte black TPU on the sides and the glossy glass surface not only makes the Gallery Case a fest for the eyes, but also a real treat for the hands: The glass gives the phone a pleasantly smooth back and the soft silicone edge provides the necessary grip.

Gallery Case black

Protection & Special features

  • Gentle mirror effect
  • Virtually indestructible print image
  • Matte black silicone frame
  • Stable & robust at the same time
  • Edge and corner protection

Fit & Installation
With the Gallery Case, you give your device a stunningly elegant look – with high protection and full functional integrity.
Simple place your smartphone into the case with gentle pressure. The flexible TPU silicone frame wraps itself protectively around the edges and side controls. The Gallery Case has its cut-outs exactly where they are needed. That way, the speakers, microphone, charging ports and camera remain ready for use at all times.

Gallery Case black
Gallery Case black

Printing details
For this phone case, we use the solid direct printing process. The printing area covers the back of the glass plate, the edge of the case remains unprinted. The phone case can only be ordered fully printed. Choose for your design one of our exclusive designs or get creative and create your own design, for example with pictures and overlays. The choice is yours!

Note: This case is not suitable for transparent designs. Full-surface designs, on the other hand, are perfectly accentuated on the Gallery Case.

Made with ❤ in Germany

Gallery Case black

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